Identity Shift

Yes. It’s been that busy around here, what with the comings and goings and the deadlines. But I’ve been thinking about this blog and wanting to get back to it, because I have news. The blog is working for me!

That last post I made, “Monday Afternoon Commute, Friday Morning Commute,” was a breakthrough. For the first time, I gave writing that piece priority over working on the proofreading deadline. I was able to put personal, creative work ahead of money-making labor.

Of course, let’s overlook the fact that, having done so, I then disappeared for 23 days. Let’s not connect those two events at all. Let’s not consider that perhaps it hasn’t been all that busy around here.

In any event, I’m doing it again. I’m writing this before I turn to the day’s deadline.

That’s because there has been another breakthrough I want to commemorate. On Sunday, February 2, I was sitting in Meeting for Worship (I’m a Quaker) where I was offering up some of the anxieties and questions I’ve laid out here, specifically, ‘Where do I live?’, and I felt a sudden and profound opening and shift. Up from the space that had appeared inside me came the words, ‘You live in your work.’

I have felt different ever since.

I’ll add only that my consciously acknowledged reason for disappearing into my deadlines for 23 days is that I’ve been accumulating money to take my second three-day writing retreat. I’m waiting for a call back now to let me know if there’s space for me. More about my writing retreats soon, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Identity Shift

  1. Hi, dear friend! What are the implications of “You live in your work”? Was the next inspiration, “and that’s where I belong,” or was it, “and that’s not right”? Looking forward to your further musings! Much love, many blessings. Jim

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