About “Over My Own Shoulder”

I’m writing a book with the working title of Choosing Miracles: A Story of  Voices, Visions, and Angels. It’s been going slowly. My moneymaking work as a freelance proofreader always ends up taking priority. “Over My Own Shoulder” is a strategy I came up with to strengthen my sense of myself as a writer and to loosen the hold my identity as a proofreader has over me.

I envision this as a place where I can name things that might be getting in my way, a place where I can write about writing between–or possibly even during–the times that I’m actually working on my manuscript.

But the nice thing about a blog is this: Who knows what it might become?

Since I know that unhappiness about the isolation of writing is one of my problems, I’d enjoy having your company from time to time.

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